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MAJA Labs is an Ecosystem Builder & Business Incubator for the Web 3.0 World. Founded in 2021, MAJA Labs vision is to make Indonesia a center for Web 3.0 Products & DApps with Real World Impact.

We believe in Revolution of Web 3.0. So we started to Build Web3 Ecosystem in Indonesia. From Connecting People, Event Organising, NFT Project Clinic, NFT Education through Workshop and Coaching, Web3 Business Incubation, we also invited by Indonesia Government to give advise and education about Web3. And many things...

Adrian Zakhary

Founder & CEO
we have a commitment to bring Value in the Web3 Ecosystem not only for digital but real world impact on the environment and economy.

web 3 is an opportunity for us to become leaders with a spirit of collaboration and make a wider impact on the world
adam matew

Ibnu Adam


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