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Our company was founded with a vision to build positive values and energy to educate the Indonesian nation. The name Maja is inspired by the Maja fruit; like the name of the great kingdom "Majapahit" which was victorious in its time.

The philosophy of the Maja fruit is not just that it tastes bitter and is the forerunner of the Majapahit kingdom, but is about the land where the Maja fruit grows; the land of the archipelago, the homeland, the place where the noble traces of the Indonesian nation reside. Maja grew, developed and bore fruit until it became the inspiration for Majapahit to build a great kingdom, including uniting the archipelago.

Maja Labs is here to bring the Indonesian national spirit, and the Tri Hita Karana philosophy from Sanskrit which means "Harmony with God, Harmony among People & Harmony with Nature."

Maja Labs wants to build a center for artistic and artistic technological civilization in the country, with the spirit of the Creator, namely spiritual values, networking among humans with equal values, rights and obligations using Blockchain Technology, Web 3.0 Product Innovation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Harmony with Nature; Maintaining environmental sustainability.

Adrian Zakhary

Founder & CEO
we have a commitment to bring Value in the Web3 Ecosystem not only for digital but real world impact on the environment and economy.

web 3 is an opportunity for us to become leaders with a spirit of collaboration and make a wider impact on the world
adam matew

Ibnu Adam


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