We meet people. We do the roadshow to Bali first, then we went to Malang, Ponorogo, Yogyakarta, Solo, Magelang, Semarang, Bandung, Lampung, Palembang and for sure, Jakarta. More cities to be explore.


We do the education, not only for the artists (Creators), but to Community itself, Moderators, Social Media people, NFT Enthusiasts, Traders, Collector, investor, Activists, businessman, etc.


Many projects of NFT and WEB3 become just an idea or pitch deck presentation. So we come to nurtiring the projects to be wise and make the real impact for world; Economic, Social, Culture, Environment, People, Society.


we are developing more than 20 WEB3 Projects in 12 cities, including NFT, partnering with more than 500 Artists, 4 Design studios in Bali, Malang, Bandung & Jakarta.

Our Services

Art and Design Studio

We connected with more than 500+ Artists, not only Digital Artist but also Fine Art & Traditional Artist.


We created Web3 Engineers Community in Bali and Bandung, Indonesia. We can handle for Web2/Web3, DApps (Launchpad, Marketplace, etc), NFT Project.

Agency, Media & PR

Our main business before Web3 is on Digital Agency and PR Company. So We can handle and connect Web3 Project to Indonesia People through Media, Social Media and Conventional Ways.

Event Organizer

We are expert in Event Organising for Blockchain, Web3 & NFTs Event in Indonesia. Also we can support you to build Installation or Tenant Participation.

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